Term 3

10 face to face Mixed Media art lessons at wild Learning on Tuesdays 10am -12pm

Week 1: Working out the new world - Using big paper to express all our feelings around isolation and coronavirus

Week 2: Paint for Joy - Painting in, around and over last weeks work to bring about something joyful or peaceful

Week 3: Straight Around - Using colour and line to create abstracts 

Week 4: Black on White on Black - Charcoal and Gesso portraits and fun faces

Week 5: Strange Applications - Making our own paint applicators

Week 6: : Shadows – making, tracing and playing

Week 7: Making sense of things #1 – Drawing quirky still life

Week 8: Making sense of things #2 – Painting plentiful plants

Week 9: Making sense of things #3 – Tiny mandalas and pen work

Week 10: Making sense of things #4 – Ink and watercolour horizons


Mixed Media Art at Wild Learning - Term 3


    Suzanne Schroder  -  Cessnock - Australia