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Suzanne Schroder
Designer, Maker, Sewer, Artist, Teacher


Hello and welcome to SuzziMaggs Handmade  Womens Fashion designs 

by Suzanne Schroder.

 Since the days I could draw, colour and sew I have been saying that I want to be a fashion designer when I grow up. From the time I could wrap and drape a handkerchief around my barbie doll I have wanted to make clothes.


Though I have been sewing garments and other items for people for the last 30 plus years as a dressmaker, it has taken me until my mid fifties to actually create my first collection. It took being in lockdown in the midst of a global pandemic for me to begin to realise my childhood dreams.  


My current designs can be viewed under the Online Store button in the menu at the top of this page. They are colourful, easy fit and made to mix and match and layer.


I am also blogging about my current fashion thoughts and have recently had my own Wardrobe Revolution, where I have been working on owning a wardrobe full of garments that I love to wear and make me feel confident within myself. You can read along and join in by having your own Wardrobe Revolution here beginning at the July 7, 2021 post, and by using/following #suzzimaggswardroberevolution on social media.


SuzziMaggs is also about creating fun, useful, individual handmade items from the unwanted, cast-off and no longer required items that already exist. Beginning with my own mountainous fabric stash and boxes of ephemera, then pouring through local Op shops (thrift stores) and anywhere else that I can find inspiration in unwanted items.  My desire is to reduce waste, even if it's only a tiny fraction by up-cycling as many materials as I can in my creations. 


SuzziMaggs has another purpose also.

It is to support my dear friends in Uganda. Therefore 10% of all sales from my website will be donated directly to the work of 100% Hope, Uganda. This is an organisation very close to my heart. In 2017 I was privileged to spend time at Hope village in Uganda, this was the most amazing time of learning and loving and gaining a whole Ugandan addition to our family. Then just recently in February , 2020 I was able to return to Hope Village and help set up a tailoring room where local women can learn to sew and earn themselves an income.

 Check them out at

Thank you for stopping by!

Love, Suzanne

Suzanne Schroder  -  Cessnock - Australia

SuzziMaggs Summer 2023 Pippie Dress Linen Cotton
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