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SuzziMaggs Designs by Suzanne Schroder

Hello and welcome.

My name is Suzanne and I am the designer, maker and teacher at SuzziMaggs.

I believe in God the creator of everything. My favourites are Jesus and my family.

I also love colour, fashion, art, being creative and planning interesting events and activities. The time has come for me to share my passions with the world. So here goes!

I am on an ever moving path at this stage in my life where I find myself needing to learn and grow more than ever. One constant  though has been my love for creating, sewing and all things fashion. Not so much trying to keep up with current trends as much as appreciating all the different styles and looks that are out there.

This has lead me to pursue my long lost childhood desire to be a fashion designer  and to more recently begin to blog about my own fashion experiences.

So here I will offer my designs out into the world, and hopefully get better at the whole digital side of things along the way. 

I have a few big ideas around how I will keep moving forward in this pursuit and maybe you will come along and watch what happens.


I will  be donating 10% of all sales directly to the work at 100% Hope Uganda, which is an organisation that supports many underprivileged children in Uganda. The children are given a home, an education and lots of love.

You can look them up at

Have a wonderful day!

Love Suzanne

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