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Suzanne Schroder
Designer, Maker, Sewer, Artist, Teacher

Dresses  -  Skirts  -  Pants  -  Tops  -  Coats Accessories

Welcome to my online store

My purpose here at SuzziMaggs is to clothe women with confidence, fortitude (courage in adversity), gumption (shrewd initiative and resourcefulness), faith in oneself and strength of purpose.

I aim to do that in my blog writing and also here in offering garments which I have designed and make to be comfortable, functional, uniquely able to be worn together and made to your specific measurements. 

Wear single pieces or layer them up together to create your own style.

Each garment you order requires you to add your measurements to the order. There is a guide in the picture section of each garment or for more information on measuring your body you can read my blog post here.

Links below to garment types

Dresses  -  Skirts  -  Pants  -  Tops  -  Coats Accessories

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