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Handmade, Up-cycling and just a little bit scared

Hello and welcome to SuzziMaggs Handmade designs by Suzanne Schroder. I have plotted and planned this moment for a couple of years now and I can't find any more excuses or obstacles to hide behind. I have a product and a reason for my product, I have offers of assistance with getting set up and I have time to bring it all together. I still don't really know much about blogging and online selling but I believe God has appointed this as the right time to begin, and i'm a big believer that we should never stop learning. So with my stomach churning...... Here I go!

SuzziMaggs is all about creating fun, useful, individual handmade items to sell from the unwanted, cast-off and no longer required items that already exist. Beginning with my own mountainous fabric stash and boxes of ephemera, then pouring through local Op shops (thrift stores) and anywhere else that I can find inspiration in unwanted items. My desire is to reduce waste, even if it's only a tiny fraction by up-cycling as many materials as I can in my creations. I will keep material costs as low as possible without compromising the quality of my products.

SuzziMaggs has another purpose also. It is to help those in need. Therefore 10% of all sales will be donated directly to the work of 100% Hope Uganda. This is an organisation very close to my heart. In 2017 I was privileged to spend time at Hope village in Uganda, this was the most amazing time of learning and loving and gaining a whole Ugandan addition to our family. We also host their choir when they come to Australia to raise awareness. Check them out at

So there it is- My Quest - to make new, fun and useful things out of the unwanted, tossed aside, outdated old things, and to bless some needy children along the way.

Thank you for taking the time to read this

God bless


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