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Design and handmade- A lifelong passion

My love for design, especially fashion design goes way back into my foggy memories. I remember as a child having ideas about being a fashion designer when I grew up, and from the time that the first barbie landed in my possession I began to sew and drape and wrap her up in whatever piece of fabric or scarf or napkin that inspired me.

Playing Barbies

Then came Libby and Jan. The cardboard fashionistas' who came with the tabbed clothes to dress on them.I would trace and design them outfits complete with all the matching accessories. It's hard to believe that I still have them!

My favourite subject at high school was of course

Textiles, and from there I went to TAFE to fully immerse myself in all things design and sewing.

After a short stint in the Fashion industry I got married and we moved- away from the fashion world.

Next came the long blur of motherhood and dressmaking. Many enjoyable years of them both! But also a sense that I had lost my creative way somewhat.

Then came the remembering what I wanted to be when I grew up! So back to school I went. Starting off with a small course in millinery to see how I would go, and I loved it! Next I was going to study Fashion design, but the local campus decided to change their courses and offer Interior design instead. Not to be discouraged, I decided to try my hand at Fine Art. Now I want to be a fashion designer and an artist when I grow up!!

As I am getting older I am coming to a place where I feel that whatever I do it needs to have a greater purpose for me. In this case it is the idea of upcycling items into my own designs and giving to the needs of others. These beautiful kids right here!

In giving you this brief history of my creative life I hope to encourage you to keep pursuing your own creative dreams, but be flexible and willing to modify along the way. Things often don't turn out just as we imagined or hoped they might. Circumstances change along the way. and some of us might never get where we originally dreamed that we would be. On occasion I have lived with regret, but regret only blurs your vision, it doesn't get you anywhere. I am learning that it is better to adapt and reassess often along life's path.

Don’t ever forget your passions , the application may change but they are what make you unique, they are your God given gifts that were given to you so that you can fulfill your God given purpose and make this world better, brighter more interesting place. I look forward to seeing what you do with your future!

Thank you for reading,


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