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Permission to get creative- you never know what will happen

When did you last just let go and do something for the sheer joy of it? I mean without a care about what anyone was thinking about you. With such abandon that you might have forgotten where you were.

Below - Me doing my thing at the beach!

my beach joy goes way back!

I recently read a book by someone who did just this and the effect she had on the world has been incredible.

Most of you would have yourselves been affected by her actions.

I’m talking about Chewbacca Mom, Candace Payne. With her one small silly act of recording herself trying on a mask and laughing at herself she brought joy to absolute millions of us all across the world! How powerful is that? Did you watch her video? Did you laugh?

If you missed it you you can watch it here

Since then Candace has been thrown into the spotlight, and she has written a book called "Laugh it Up". An easy to read book about her own personal hardships and her fight to make joy her strength despite her situation. She speaks about being homeless, dark days in her marriage and the one that so many of us can relate to - lack of self worth.

Candace defines the negative forces that would fight to take our joy. For example:

"Shame is a thief. He robs us of our identity and our destiny and replaces them with myths that we are not worth any good that may come our way." pge 70

Then she offers hope and encouragement on how she fights to overcome these negative forces.

"The final war for cohabitation will be won by consistently shutting the door in shames face. Don't relent for one second in your fight for joy. Either you allow the sum of your darkest memories and mistakes to occupy your thoughts, or you allow Joy to have the remote control and remind you that you are seen, valued, and loved." pge 72

This book was a reminder to me that the fight for joy is worth it. Facing hard things and dealing with them so that you can put them behind you is tough, but it frees the future for some fun filled living to the full!

Here are some things that bring joy to me.

I call these first 2 - The Greats! Great grandparents loving on their great granddaughters

Above - Dress-up parties

Below - Oh the cuteness! Opa and his grandson

Below - My Ugandan family dancing. The natural energy and Joy they have when they sing and dance is contagious!

I want to encourage you today to think about some of the things that bring you Joy and also about one way that you can bring Joy to someone else.

Thank you for reading,

Love, Suzanne

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