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Getting back into the swing of things!

Have you ever had to live in a busy household and not been able to lift anything over 2-3 kilos for 6 weeks? It’s almost impossible!

Everything weighs more than that!

At least everything in my house does. The hard part is that I’m feeling so well that I sometimes forget and I end up tired from doing too much.

3 more weeks!

Sometimes it’s also hard to ask for help. It can be quite a humbling experience when you’re used to being very independent.

I’ve come to a point in my life where I am going to try to embrace every situation. Sit with the good and also with the hard, sad, ugly or downright bad. My family are used to seeing me cry now so if I need to I do, but I’m also going to jump up (carefully) and dance and praise the Creator as well.

We were born to feel, so don’t be afraid to express it!

The good news is that I’m back to turning this mountain into fun goodies to add to the website.

There’s classic felt from an overcoat, lined with a golden wrap

Fun little purses made from my mountain range of scraps and covered with a gorgeous bright wrap

New lined caps and more!

Keep a look out and I will get them onto the site ASAP!

Thank you for reading

love Suzanne

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