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New Year, where did you go?

Are you feeling it also? Like we were just getting ready for christmas and now we are many days in to the new year? What happened?

I have heard that as you age you realise you have less time and it seems to go by more quickly. I know in my case it can go by so fast when I forget to stop long enough to appreciate the moment, to watch the child's wonder or chat too the elderly person in front of me at the supermarket.

So right now I am going to stop, walk outside and breath.........................

Below is the view I see when standing at the door of the office, this wisteria grows wildly at this time of year and was fluttering in the soft breeze.

Below, my view too my left. The palm was once a small house plant in a pot! The golden tree behind shed all its leaves at the end of winter (and its not deciduous). Not sure if it was the drought conditions or the severe frost. So pleased to see that it is coming back so well. I'm sure there's a good life illustration right there just in looking at that tree!

The giant Jacaranda against the brilliant blue sky. This tree, thinking of its flowers in my favourite colour! Ahhhhh!

I took this one below for the brilliant blue sky, which you can never truly capture in a photo. Looking at it now it speaks to me of opportunity, venturing out into the world and going beyond my comfort zone.

I tried to make a video of my little wander through my yard but I couldn't work out how to upload it to here. My husband was in the yard and made a comment about how it was looking a bit messy. Maybe it is, but I think we all have a bit of messy in our lives, and most of social media tries to hide that part, and we can start thinking that we are not enough! We don't have that wonderful life that everyone else has with the designer home and well put together outfit/hair/body/children/career/etc

I'm here today to tell you that I am more than a bit messy!

Foe example, this is me right now! hair not done, sweating because it's summer in Australia, no make-up, smudgy glasses and all I see are wrinkles!

As I'm typing this, the batteries in the cordless keyboard are going flat and I have to stop and jiggle them in hope that they keep going because I have no new ones

I had to get on and edit my website today because there were a heap of pictures on it that I have no idea where they came from! (Hopefully they are gone now)

I start things with great gusto, but really struggle to follow through with them!

My messy Studio!

I am middle aged, overweight, with crazy hair and there alway seems to be a body part that is in pain.

But I am grateful for all that I am and have because compared to many millions of people in the world today I AM BLESSED!!! I am no ones slave, I have a beautiful supportive family, a great home, and more food and clothing than anyone needs.

Perspective is an amazing thing right?

How's yours today?

Thank you for reading

Love Suzanne

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