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What's Going On?

A question that I am constantly asking myself. I think I had the belief that by the time you were in your 50's you should have IT (whatever IT is?) all sorted. Now that I'm here I am realising that IT is a constantly moving and changing idea. It can be purple one day and a rainbow of colour the next! It might be feeling all on top of everything and moving forward then suddenly it's all down around your feet like a muddy puddle. It's all quite "normal" really the good, the bad and the unexpected.

At the moment for me it looks like art and sewing classes, where the preparation often takes longer than the actual class. But I am loving it!

SuzziMaggs website will soon have some changes, new products and possibly some great specials, so keep am eye out for them.

 I'm thinking about doing a "pattern of the month" to sell. Things like my hipster purse, a multiple zippy bag wrap and cushion covers. What do you think? I would love to hear what kind of patterns you would be interested in. 

I am also thinking about doing a series of interview blogs, they will be typed conversations with photos at this stage because that's where I'm at with my tech ability. I would like to interview real people in their real lives doing their real, ordinary, sometimes messy, sometimes fun stuff. What do you think?

I have a new timetable for myself to get me on track with some of these things, but I hope I never forget to stop and appreciate the Master Creator at work!



Thank you for reading, love Suzanne

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