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Autumn Fun Sale and More!

Hi there, I just have 2 quick things to share with you today.

1. Everything in my shop is now on sale with a 10% discount when you apply the code: Autumn

The Hawaiian Jane - made from fabric leftover from my besties hawaiian 50th birthday party outfit

Bag from Scarf

Hat from Scarf

Shopping bags

Mini Phone Bag

Pheasant curtain Bag

Unfolded Shopping Bag


2. Recently I liked and shared this quote on Facebook. Sorry I don't know the author.

It was liked by several of my Facebook friends (I don't have a lot ) and it has got me thinking a lot about how much time and life we can waste trying to be like someone else. The comparison game is so extremely alive in this day of internet connection, and it can be so dangerous for many of us. A quick glance through instagram and you can feel completely inadequate. The other Girl has that amazing body and the beautiful home and can cook like a pro, all while home schooling seven amazing and gorgeous children! Oh and her wardrobe is so well put together that she must be a stylist also!

You know what I'm saying, and deep down we know that the other girl is only posting that tiny moment of her day when everything was going just right. She also see's and compares and judges herself according to the tiny moment she see's of the instagram life of other girls.

In saying all of this, I really just want to encourage you to work on finding your own true identity, and encourage the other girls to do the same.

This is my favourite Psalm in the Bible, Psalm 139. It not only tells me that the creator planned me and had my life written out in His plan before the beginning of creation, but also tells me that He is with me wherever I am, from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows.

Can I suggest to you today that you spend a little less time scrolling on your phone and go to the original scrolls (the bible) and ask the Creator who he made you to be.

When we get our own identity straight we will become a great enabler for others to do the same! Let us become crown fixers, uplifters, cheerleaders, spirit raisers compelled by love!

Thank you for reading

Love Suzanne

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