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Dazed, crazed and buzzing!

Hi there, can anyone else relate to this guy?

For some reason I find that I relate to this seagull in so many ways! The stance, the expression, the beach. It could be saying "what just happened???" or "I cannot believe you did/said that!" or is it a long loud sigh??? or an "I MEAN IT" or "let's get this party started!" or "go away" or "come on!" or "where am I and what day is it?" etc. etc. etc. All while wishing I was at the beach!

There is crazed confusion far more often than I would like.

This photo above which I found on my phone expresses it beautifully.


Feeling ridiculous way too often, yet trying to keep moving forward. Keep working, keep everyone fed, keep everyone clothed and keep getting everyone where they are supposed to be, keep fit (not happening), keep up to date with technology, keep cleaning, keep caring, keep blogging, keep......................!!!

When you feel like you're losing the plot, losing your mind, losing the right word to finish the sentence, losing your temper, losing the battle of the bulge, losing sleep, losing patience, all while you most often feel like you are on fire!!!

The one thing that really gets to me is that I finally finished all those years of having to remember to take a pill so that I didn't get pregnant, and now having had a hysterectomy I am having to remember to take a pill to keep my hormones in some kind of order. And look out if I forget for a day or two because regular Mrs Angry can become Mrs Crazy Angry!

Is there any hope for me?

I hope so- I think so....

These bees in the beautiful magnolia flower reminded me that, although they are always on the move gathering their pollen to take back to their hives, they hovered, paused and looked down on the flower. They lavished in the sweet juicy goodness of the stamens and they then went to the next flower to share the love ( pollen) around. All the while they were doing their daily ‘stuff’ of life!

The sun rises and sets and we can feel stuck where we are, stuck in a place we didn’t imagine ever being, stuck financially or stuck because of our health or even stuck due to the choices of someone else.

I’m going to try to remember bees 🐝 from now on and pause regularly during my busy or mundane or stressful or interrupted days. Pause to smell the flowers, notice the beauty in everything around me, EVERYTHING! and share the love with those I come into contact with!

Now I just need to read this everyday until it becomes a habit.

Thanks for stopping by

Love Suzanne

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