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41. No shopping Today!

I wanted this post to be about my shopping expeditions to the local secondhand clothing stores where I was going to look for a few pieces to enhance my wardrobe according to my vision styling board, but alas we are in lockdown again, so this will have to wait.

Instead I find myself in that place of questioning all that I am trying to do and if I am really on my right, God given path. I truly appreciate every one of you who reads my words here, and I hope you find them informative and encouraging in some way. My goal has never been about fame, fortune or numbers, I'm just a little disheartened at my lack of orders and frustrated that although I have learnt and done a lot to improve my "searchability" on the internet, there is still so much that I don't know!

Getting my website seen, getting my designs out there and attracting more people to my blog, it's all the bits that I am not so good at and don't really like doing.

Enough sulking, instead I will share with you my vision and mission and how I will move forward as SuzziMaggs.

My Mission is - To lead women towards their Creator by helping them become more confident and authentic in clothes that they love to wear and sharing my heart with them along the way.

My Vision is - To design and sell a collection of women's clothing that is versatile and helps women of every size, shape and colour feel fabulous and confident and like themselves.

- To encourage and assist people to create a wardrobe of outfits that they love to wear, that expresses their individual personality and helps them to be the best person they can be.

Up-cycle - recycle - swap - repair - alter - refit and give away!

With all this in mind, here are my thoughts around moving forward from here.

I am designing a small summer collection to be released in October, where each garment will have some options, such as necklines, sleeve type and length of garment. This way you can choose your preferred style for each design.

I will be using fabrics that I already have in order to reduce my waste.

During September I will be blogging about some of these design features for example, neckline styles and how they can affect the look of a garment on different body types.

I am having some thoughts around how to create a worldwide clothing swap, where you just pay for postage and we can share our clothes across the world. It might be an App or Facebook group or website or ???

I will also get my Alteration Tips page going on my website ASAP.

Did you know I also have some Online Classes available? Sewing and Art, which are on my shop classes page.

There is one art class which is free. It's called Covivid 19 Abstractions and it has 19 quick and easy art prompts to help you get some creative flow. I put it together during lockdown last year. It would be a good art tool for anyone looking for activities for their homeschooling children at this time. You can find it here: Covivid 19 Abstractions |

I have a lot to offer and writing this is reminding me of that. I am going to plod on for a while longer in hope of gaining some more traction, and I might try my hand at some market stalls when things open up again.

What would really help is if you would like to 'like', by putting a thumbs up in the comments, share and/or leave a comment on this blog post or any of my social media posts you see. This would boost my 'rankings' a little bit in the endless sea of the internet and maybe put me in front of a few more people that I can encourage.

Do I know what I am doing? A lot of the time not really, but I'm not going to let that stop me from continuing to learn and grow and have a go, and I would encourage you to do the same, in whatever areas you choose to pursue.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I truly appreciate you.

Love Suzanne

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