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55. 24 Gifts

Well it's December 2021, and we've almost made it through another weird and unique year of coronavirus, lockdowns, vaccinations, natural disasters, discriminations and conspiracy theories. There are so many things going on that have a great potential to divide humanity at this time. I am not going to join the bandwagon and speak out my own ideas here, I am going to turn our focus to another direction, hopefully one that will help encourage joy and love for each other in some fun ways.

As a believer in the Creator God and The Bible as His words, His instruction and His story for mankind I celebrate Christmas as the time to remember when God came to earth as the baby Jesus. He was God's gift of salvation to a world who has turned their back on him.

So, I give gifts to my family and friends in remembrance of this, the greatest gift.

Below I am offering 24 gift ideas around sewing and fashion for those of you, like me who still have a long way to go with getting their gifts together for this Christmas season, or indeed any other season that you and your family might celebrate.

1. Sew or purchase a zippered pouch. These can be filled with 101 different items from hair accessories to manicure kits to crafting items or a sewing kit. Add some wrapped chocolates or a stick of lollies and tie a wide ribbon bow around the whole thing.

2. Sew a bow or bowtie. Add some elastic for a necktie or sew it onto a headband or clip for a hair accessory. It could also be sewn onto a safety pin to be worn as a brooch. Make a few and add some tassels and sew them onto a band to be worn as a belt or used in your home decor.

3.Sew a tote bag out of fun fabric so that it is more of a fashion accessory than a shopping bag.

4.Sew a pocket that can be worn strapped onto a belt or add slide clips and so that it can be hooked onto belt loops.

5.Make a fabric necklace in someone's favourite colours.

6.Socks! There are so many fun option out there, you can even have a face or your pet printed on them.

7.A necktie. Again, make it fun, colourful and the talking point of someone's outfit.

8.A scarf. sewn, bought, knitted, crochet or maybe even macrame.

9.A fun printed button front shirt. Masculine or feminine, if you're a sewer you can make something unique, choosing fabric and buttons that you know your gift receiver will love.

10.Jeans. If you know the right size, get to the local Op shop (thrift store) and buy a great pair of jeans. Add some hand embroidery or draw with fabric markers or print and stamp them with fabric paint to make them unique.

11.How about blinging up a pair of thongs, slides or slippers for the friend who already has everything? All you need is a hot glue gun and some beads and jewels.

12.Sew a unique journal cover. Purchase a blank book and make the cover to fit. add a pocket for a pen or make a matching pencil case.

13.Hats. Bucket hat, cap, straw hat, fez, top hat, fascinator, beanie, the options are as endless as the price range. You could sew, crochet or knit one or decorate one that you have purchased.

14.Sunglasses, fun glasses, everyone should have a fabulous pair!

15.Bracelets and bangles, I love them. Layers of them in matching or contrasting colours. Add a cheap fun watch to the mix or something full of charms. Buy a little stack and put them in a drawstring bag or a cute gift box.

16.Earrings. Look for local artisans who make interesting eclectic designs.

17.Create your own T shirt design. Embroider, draw with fabric markers, paint with fabric paints, sew things onto it, tie dye or simply splatter dye randomly over the shirt.

18.A wrap skirt. These are so flexible in sizing and are flattering to almost every body shape and size.

19.What about a rainbow of nail polish colours or even 10 so that your gift receiver can wear a different colour on each nail. You can often purchase nail polish bottles in a multi pack. Find a book or website with nail art designs to compliment the gift.

20.A wrap made of something super soft and stretchy, because who doesn't want to wrap themself in that every now and then?

21.A cute cover up to wear over swimmers for your beach loving friend. You can help them look great and save their skin from some harmful UV rays at the same time.

22.Sew or purchase a small handbag. Just something cute and fun, big enough for a phone and a card or some cash for a fun night out. Make sure that it has a long shoulder strap so that it can be worn across the body, so your friend can be hands free and know that their belongings are safe.

23.Matching pyjamas or T shirts for a cute couple or family.

24.A luxurious satin robe for that someone who you want to bless with a special treat.

Any of the things that I have mentioned above that you might be keen to make and sew you will find a how to video for already on Youtube and/or Pinterest. I hope this list helps someone find the perfect gift idea for their loved one.

I know that some years I get myself into a gift buying frenzy, panic buying all the things for all the people without much thought, but I really think that less gifts that are really thought out are far more greatly appreciated by the receiver.

This time of year is about celebration! Celebrate your family, Celebrate your friendships, Celebrate with thoughtful gifts that remind you of the gift of life. Happy Celebrating everyone!

Love, Suzanne

P.S. You can read about when God came to earth as a baby Jesus in the book of Luke in the bible, beginning at chapter 1 verse 26.

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