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57. Hello - 2.2.22

Hello there, how are you? I hope the year has begun well for you!

My first blog for the year and it's already February!

What did happen to January????

Well I spent a lot of it in a covid fog I must admit, so I feel a bit like I'm already running behind, and not back to functioning at full capacity as my energy levels are still low. I am so very thankful that we didn't suffer greatly and the little people who live with us were spared from it.

On another topic, I am reading some interesting books at the moment. One is called, When Strivings Cease, by Ruth Chou Simons of Gracelaced. It is such an encouragement about the fact that I don't have to earn my way to becoming good enough to have a relationship with The Creator of everything. Because of His incomprehensible love for His creation He made the way clear for His disobedient creation to be forgiven, through the sacrifice of His Son who conquered death (the Easter story) and all I need to do is believe. This makes me want to live my life according to his plan (in the Bible) as I am so very thankful for His love and forgiveness.

The other book which I have just begun to get into is about fashion psychology. I really want to understand some of the ideas around why we wear what we do. Our thinking and feelings around our styling, how the fashion industry can make us feel and how, through gaining a better understanding I can encourage you to wear clothes that make you feel great and confident and are a reflection of who you are.

Along these lines words around making fashion/your clothing a celebration of you are coming to me and I am so keen to see where these thoughts take me this year.

I am also booked in as a regular market stall holder this year at the Handmade in the Hunter markets. I will be there on the fourth Saturday of each month (except February) as well as other dates. Keep an eye on my Instagram and Facebook for other dates and also go and like the Handmade in the Hunter page here to keep up with when they are on. Sometimes they are cancelled due to extreme weather.

I am planning to theme my stall this year according to the seasons and what I am designing and making at the time.

I am also planning some changes on the website, moving my clothes from collections to styles options like pants, tops and dresses. This is all pending when I work out how to actually do that. I get stuck at the same place every time I try to do this. Website management is not my strong point!

Well that's just a little catch up on what's going on with me and some words on the screen to help me get back into the swing of blogging. I think it will be more of a monthly thing this year than weekly with topics around fashion psychology in layman's terms. I am no expert, I can only speak from what I read, learn, feel and hear from those I speak to. If you have any thoughts or questions around this topic, please leave a comment below.

Thank you for reading,

Love Suzanne

P.S. I offered a new coupon code to my market stall visitors last Saturday and I now offer it to you, my readers. You can receive 22% off one item when you order online with code: NEWYEAR valid until 22.2.22

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