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62. Changing You (me)

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Number 5 in my YOU series!

It is interesting how by writing a declaration of self acceptance each morning, stating that I will accept who I am each day just as I am is actually slowly changing me. (You can read more about "Accepting You" in my last blog post.)

Here are a few of the changes that I am noticing at this stage:

1 I am not second guessing myself all of the time or constantly feeling like I should have said or done a thing differently.

2 I feel more contented with what I say and the decisions that I am making.

3 I find myself more able to analyse a thought, word or action and see the merit in it.

4 I do not feel at all like I have given up on the going, being and doing of all my hopes and dreams, but maybe I am feeling a little more confident about working out how to get where I want to go.

5 I have realised that I need the consistency of weekly writing here on my blog to keep my thoughts congruent.

We are each a product of our past and how we have accepted or dealt with or tried to ignore it. We are all capable of changing, for the better or the worse. We can only really deal with what is right in front of us today, and work on that. I have chosen to work on accepting myself each day as I am, with the idea of hopefully becoming my best confident version of me.

I think I am almost ready to begin to really look at myself in the mirror as the next step in my self acceptance journey. I might check my hair, brush my teeth, apply some make-up and spend time considering my outfit choice each day in the mirror, but I really do avoid truly looking into my eyes. Looking into myself not just at myself. I'll let you know what I find back there hahaha!

Just as I am changing inwardly, my fashion style changes pretty regularly also. I have lately come to love bright patterned pieces more than ever, but I can't afford to change my whole wardrobe every time my style changes. This is where I look for a few outer garments like a wrap dress or an oversized shirt in the patterning to enhance clothes that I already own. Adding some accessories such as a hair tie or earrings in similar colourings can also add to my changing styles. Most of these pieces can be found in secondhand stores making them quite a cheap way to continue to change things up, and I also have the advantage of being able to sew up a new piece if I feel inspired, but good fabric is not usually cheap. Then I could sell or give away what I am no longer wearing so that my wardrobe does not overflow. Throwing items into the rubbish should be an absolute last resort.

Once again I have written a You blog post about me, but hopefully you're getting the idea that I want to use my own experiences to encourage others who are on a similar wavelength to me.

Thank you for taking the time to read,

Love Suzanne

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