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Something I wrote the day of the awful explosion in Beirut

what is going on in this world? what day is it?

what are you feeling?

what am I doing

why a pandemic?

why do humans hate?

why natural disaster?

why great destructive explosions?

why am I here at this time?

where are we heading?

where is it safe?

where are the answers?

where is the love?

where can we turn?

where can I serve?

when will we see an end?

when will the violence cease?

when will the world open up?

when will come the peace?

when will I stop and consider my purpose

when will I be brave and act?

when will the creator step in?

who will stand up and learn?

who will show the way?

who will be the difference?

who will act justly?

who will love mercy?

who will walk humbly with their God?

who has the strength to be brave?

who? if not you, if not me?

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