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58. Celebrate You

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

Did you know that you are totally worth celebrating?

Celebrate: to acknowledge and honour. To say something or someone is great or important.

Maybe it’s because I’m on holiday in my most favourite place - South Durras on the NSW south coast of Australia - and it’s bringing me joy and great refreshing, but I am convinced that you need to be celebrated!

I’m not interested in self centred narcissism or cheesy platitudes, I am just keen for you to believe that you are fearfully and wonderfully made with purpose. Your existence in this world at this time, exactly as you are was planned before time began.

"(Gods eyes)Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be." Psalms 139:16

I know that life isn't always easy and some hard and terrible things can happen, and I don't begin to believe that a pretty dress and a flower in your hair can always fix everything. Those deep and painful issues need to be addressed with love and care and usually the help of a professional, so please seek out the appropriate help if you have deep, hidden or painful things that haunt you.

The best way I can think of to celebrate you with you is to encourage you to wear all the clothes that make you feel your best and that bring you joy. Take the 5 minute before you get dressed each day to think about how you feel and what your going to be doing.

Do you need to lift your own spirits? wear your most joyful outfit. It may be full of bright colours or your favourite colour or fit you in just the right way.

Or do you want to go out into the world bright and colourful to cheer someone else’s day? I often choose a bright outfit on a cold grey day just to add a bit of cheer to it. Are you going to visit a friend who is feeling down or unwell? Perhaps you could wear their favourite colour.

Do you have an appointment for which you need to be calm and collected? Maybe wear plain colours in deep shades, and a simple design.

Are you staying home and seeing nobody? Add a flower to your hair or wear some sparkly earrings or all of your coloured beads just for yourself.

Do you wear a set uniform everyday? You could still have some fun underneath with colourful underwear.

Last week I watched a fabulous documentary called “Embrace” with an Australian woman named Taryn Brumfitt who had the confidence in herself to post a before and after selfie of her body after listening to her friends feeling bad about themselves. The before one showed her on the stage at her peak of fitness and health at a body building competition. The second photo was her, minus the bulging muscles and as her regular body and self. The thing is she is more completely happy and accepting of herself in the second photo than she was in the first where she was miserable and feeling like she still didn't measure up. The post went viral and she got many emails and comments both encouraging and demeaning. This sent her on a tour which was documented where she meets many different people with lots of different things to say about body image. Definitely worth a watch ! The link to the website is here.

On another note, the other day I happened to catch part of an interview with some young Australian Influencers about their use of plastic surgery, Botox and the likes. I was horrified to hear that one girl was so afraid of getting a wrinkle that she first used Botox at age 20! Who got to decide that wrinkles are a bad thing? Aren't they a natural part of aging? I hate to think what 40 or more years of injecting botulinum toxin into your face will do! I don't know much about it but it's from the same type of stuff that causes botulism and prolonged use can cause gradual muscle atrophy.

Is this older woman not an image of wisdom and beauty?

Can we all just stop judging ourselves and especially our appearance according to social media and advertising. "They" are not in control of us! We get to decide that every one of us is worth celebrating exactly the way we are and I celebrate YOU!

Wow I didn't know that all that was going to come out here today! sorry for the rant.

I am 55 years old, a curvy/round size 16 with grey strands coming through my once ginger hair, and I am finally coming to a point of accepting myself and my looks and that I don't have to measure up to anyone else's idea of what is beautiful! And neither do you!

I celebrate us!

Thank you for reading,

Love Suzanne

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