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The little story behind my winter collection

In the later months of 2020, when we were able to travel (with caution) around our state again during the Coronavirus pandemic, my people gathered to celebrate a family wedding. This was in an area which was obliterated by the bushfires at the beginning of 2020, The Blue Mountains. The day following the celebration we went for a drive out into the bush to find a lookout. I was firstly in awe at the extent of the devastation that lay alongside the kilometres of dirt track we drove along, and then I was in complete wonderment at the incredible ability of the Australian bush to regenerate, grow back and spring forth with new life…….

A few months later we were holidaying on the NSW South Coast where the bushfires early in the year ravaged huge areas of land and property all the way down to the sea where many people had to flee for their own protection. Once again, the bush was bursting back to life.

The colours were inspiration.

A flourish of reds and burgundy in the freshly growing gum leaves everywhere. Lime green grass against charcoal blackened tree trunks. Bright blue skies creating silhouettes from the abstract shapes formed by the strange new growth, and more fresh creamy Grass Tree flowers than I have ever seen before. Black charcoal and white ash layering the ground, where tiny purple flowers and bright orange lichens abounded.

My colour palette for winter 2021 was set!

My ten new designs are a continuation from the SuzziMaggs Summer 2020 collection in that they are all designed to mix, match and layer. Therefore, you can continue to wear the summer styles by adding some Winter 2021 pieces for layering, and you can add some new pieces to your SuzziMaggs wardrobe to enhance what you already own.

My style is a little bit boho and a little bit tailored. Throw on some sandals or flat boots, a felt hat and big fringy earrings to enhance the boho, or wear wedges or pumps, a strand or two of beads or pearls and swish handbag for a more tailored, city girl styling.

I hope you find something you like!

Love, Suzanne

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