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Handmade sewing, art and online Classes amongst change

Today I have downed tools in the mask making department and I’m trying to pull my financial records up to date and plan what the next few weeks could look like.

I’ve got diaries, dialogues and diagrams around me as I plan and plot out the future.

One thing that a good friend taught me years ago was that we need to live our lives palms open and outstretched, not holding onto things too tightly. This has helped me to remain more open to unexpected changes (like pandemic chaos) and allows me to adapt to my plans along the way.

So there will be face to face classes in art and sewing at Wild Learning while ever we are allowed to gather, and there will be online classes that you can do at your own pace. I will go to live online classes if we can’t gather in person. I’m working and learning how to grow my creative business and hopefully I will get making new products to have for sale in my online shop soon.

Meanwhile, let’s keep encouraging each other that we can keep going, learning and adapting along the way, weather we are building a business or ruling a country or trying to live with young children in this time or just trying to get out of bed and face the day (definitely me some days!) It’s all hard and we need each other as we face all the changes and uncertainties. So I'm going to put it out there, if you need to talk to someone I’m here! Email me or Call me 0402014503

thanks for reading

love Suzanne

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