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How Do You Measure Up?

As I reflect over the last six months or so and chat to friends and family about my blog and the message that I am hoping to share here, I have come to a realisation about how much it has helped me personally. I have long lived with a hatred for my body, and because it wasn't everything that I would like it to be I have had an unhealthy dislike for myself and my inability to get my body looking a certain way. Society sometimes has very narrow ideas on what the perfect body looks like and I guess I was caught up in caring about what "they" said and thought. I was happy to love and accept others for who they were but struggled with this for myself.

Working through my Wardrobe Revolution has been far more than just a sorting through my clothes. It has actually made me look at myself differently. To think about who I am and how my clothes and fashion styling can best reflect that, and somehow along the way I am learning to accept my good body that carries me and my character around in this world. I am not the sum of my shape and size nor should they determine who I get to be.

I am not saying that I am giving up on looking after my good body and I know I need to get it out and moving more because I have been way too stagnant during the last few months of lockdown. I need it to be good and healthy for as long as God gives me time here, but my body no longer will have such a great influence on who I am and what I do and wear. I will clothe my good body in the styles that reflect the true inner me, my character and my soul. (somehow just typing that last sentence sparks an excitement in me to be more colourful and a little outrageous in my clothing selection)

In saying all this I hope to encourage you to also to love and accept your body which carries you around in this world, and to also encourage you to clothe it in ways that express you and help you to be your best confident self. Think colourful or monotone, simple shapes or full of design, coordination or eclectic, or a mixture of any or all of them.

To assist you in this pursuit my new SuzziMaggs Summer 2021 Collection 'Eclectica' comes with options such as neckline and sleeve styles, and rather than size choices I have added a space for you to place your own measurements so that I can make your order to best fit you.

Here are some instructions on how to measure your good body for your orders:

All measurements should be just touching the body, not denting into the skin and not with air gaps between the body and the tape measure.

BUST - Wrap tape measure horizontally around the bust at the largest area.

Waist - Wrap tape measure horizontally around the waist at smallest area.

Hips - Wrap Tape Measure horizontally around the bottom at the largest area (about 20cm below the waist)

If any part of your body not mentioned above is larger around than these measurements it is helpful tp know this for attaining the best fit in a garment. For example if your thighs are wider than your hips or you have a small bust, but are wider under the bust. Every body shape is unique.

Underarm to Waist - This is a length measurement from your underarm where the sleeve of a garment joins the body, down the side to the waist.

Underarm to Hem - This measurement starts at the same place under the arm and measures down the side of the body to the desired length of a garment.

Waist to Hem - This is a length measurement taken from the waist, down the side of the leg to the desired hem length or to the floor for full length pants. If you plan to wear shoes with heels with your pants, put them on for this measurement.

If you have any confusion regarding taking your measurements, or ordering garments please email or message me. Private consultation appointments can be arranged and you can visit me at the Handmade in the Hunter Markets at Sobels Wines in Pokolbin on November 13&14, 20 and December 11, 2021 where I will have a wide selection of garments for sale, and will also be taking orders so that you can choose your colour and design options.

If I can help you in any way along the road to becoming your best confident self by assisting you with your own Wardrobe Revolution (refer to blog posts from July 7 -October 6, 2021) or in any other way please contact me

I appreciate you taking the time to read, thank you,

Love Suzanne

P.S. Most of my new designs will be able to be viewed and ordered from my website from tonight!

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