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Learning and Growing in 2020

What an interesting, weird, crazy, emotional, and unpredictable year it has been, and really we have no guarantee that 2021 is going to suddenly be an easier place to be!

I do like this quote that I recently saw on Instagram posted by @tararoyersteele though.

All I can say is that I have had to learn on the go all the way along 2020, but in the end it has pushed me into the areas that I really want to be in.

Time at home with family can get intense, especially when our 5 young grandchildren are with us, but I love family most and I know how blessed I am to have them close by and that they can visit often. There are four generations of my family within a 15 minute drive of me. We have been able to get together often this year and I even got to assist with online home schooling for my kindergarten granddaughters. We also celebrated the birth of our sixth beautiful grandchild in the midst of everything and she is a treasure. Truly blessed!

I also went from teaching art and sewing face to face to trying my hand at some online teaching. I have a twelve block patchwork class set up on Google classroom that you can purchase through my website, and I also filmed some short courses in art (which ran alongside a zoom class) which will be available soon for purchase as a self paced class. One was creating art from pages stained with colour from coffee, various teabags and other kitchen items called Stain and See, and the other is called Print and Stamp with all the Things!

Oh, and there is my free 19 video art prompts course called Covivid 19 Abstractions available also. To get it for free use code:makeitfree

Then came the big idea to create my own fashion collection!

I was going through some online creative business strategy videos and I can't recall a lightbulb moment or anything, but suddenly I found myself designing garments and sourcing fabrics. I decided to keep it simple, put it out there and see what happens.

People have been very supportive so far and I thank them for that, and I have been able to send some money to my friends at in Uganda to help them support and educate children from my sales.


Now it is time (in this weird last week of the year) for me to assess where I'm at and what I am doing and see if I am still on the path to becoming what I am meant to be when I grow up!

Firstly, I need to spend time getting to know my Creator, God better in order that I can know his purpose for creating me and what I am meant to be doing with this one life that I have. I will do this by reading and studying His word, the bible, also praying and meditating on Him.

Secondly, Family always!

Then, unless I am guided in another direction, I am planning more sewing classes (face to face at this stage) and my second fashion collection to come out around May. I think it will be inspired by the new growth after all the bushfires of last summer.

Meanwhile, my current collection is available to order online now, and if you would like to see and touch I am happy to arrange a viewing by appointment, or you could invite some friends over to your house for coffee and I will bring the collection to you! just email me at to make arrangements.

For my subscribers who read this blog to the end, I am offering $10 off your next suzzimaggs fashion collection order with coupon code: READIT

If you would like to know more about getting to know the Creator, God and His purposes for your life, please feel free to email me about this at

As always, thank you for reading, I appreciate you!

Love Suzanne

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