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Looking back - Looking forward

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

I was just scanning through some of my blog posts from the past, and I got stuck in memory lane while reading about my adventures in Uganda. What an incredibly amazing adventure that was and I can't wait until I am able to go back there again. To a place so different from my own familiar surroundings, where I lived in a town where they called me mazungu (maz-oon-goo or white person) and just assumed that I was rich. Where all the roads are dirt and driving 50km/hr is near impossible on the local streets which we would class as 4 wheel drive only! Where you can jump into a car, onto the back of a truck or even onto a motorcycle with a baby or two on your lap and travel around town. A place where you can buy your meat off a chopping block right there on the side of the street and get a great view of all the animals insides sitting beside . The money is very different, some of the people practise witchcraft, and there are many people who are happy to do anything for the right price.

What am I getting at? What's my point? (I'm actually thinking this as I'm typing)

In all of my memories about going to Uganda I can't really remember feeling afraid even though everything was unusual and different! Why?

Now, looking forward, I sometimes feel fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of missing out on some life experience, fear of looking foolish, fear of making a bad decision.


I went to a networking lunch today and the speaker, Angela Vithoulkas kept repeating a line that has gotten her to take the next step in her life/business/work. The line is "How hard can it be?" If you check her out on Instagram etc. you can see that she is a woman who has gone places and done things!

I think that it was totally okay for everything to be new, unusual and confusing for me when I travelled to Africa. I expected different and hard things because it is such an obviously different culture to what I am used to.

So why should it be any different right here when everything I am trying to do to set myself up as a small business owner is new, different and unknown? Making and maintaining a website, marketing and social media posting, algorithms and the like. Ordering materials without knowing if anyone will purchase from me and generally just trying to figure it all out as I go along. Most of this was foreign to me not so long ago, and now I'm trying to do it all.

Why am I writing all of this?

To encourage myself and anyone who needs to hear that each new day that you are trying to do new things is exactly that, NEW! It's just like travelling to a different country with a different culture. We need to take the time to learn and understand it before we can put it into practise. This sometimes takes me a little time with my muddling menopausal brain, but it doesn't need to be wracked with fear.

I know that this isn't really a new concept, but it's where my thoughts are at right now.

Images of my sweet friend Melody Pool wearing the SuzziMaggs Flame Wrap Top at her recent Newcastle show

So I choose to move forward from this point, accepting that I don't know everything but willing and open to learn all I can about whatever I am doing, just like I did both times I was in Uganda.

I will always be seeking guidance and confirmation from the Creator who I believe has a plan and purpose for each one of us, and I will just do the next thing!

After all, How hard can it be???

Thanks for reading

Love Suzanne

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