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Start Your Own Wardrobe Revolution - Stage 1

Do you love all the clothes that you own?

If you are anything like me you have a wardrobe bulging with dresses, tops, skirts, pants and accessories but there are just some days when you feel like you have nothing to wear. I try to do a regular sort and toss of the clothes that I don't really wear any more, but I'm pretty sure there are some items in there that I don't wear that could date back to the 1980's. Pieces that I think might become fashionable again, or ones that I like that just don't fit well and some that really do have sentimental value.

In this journey of coming to terms with my own unique body shape I am going to become far more selective about what goes in to my wardrobe and what comes out and stays out. I only want a selection of clothing that really makes me feel confident, happy and that work together to express who I am.

If you are feeling the same, why not join me over the next few weeks and let us see how our wardrobes are transformed. I would love to see a before photo of your wardrobe so please add one to the comment section below or you could post them on your social media with #suzzimaggswardroberevolution or tag me in your posts. Here's my wardrobe, and then there's the drawers full of tops and swim wear and the shelves full of jumpers!

Before going any further I need to confess that my fashion likes and dislikes for myself are constantly changing, so this will be an ongoing process for me. At least after the next few blog posts I will have some tangible guidelines around how to go about always having a wardrobe that I love.

Stage 1 is going to be all about the fit.

Straight away my thoughts go to "What if I lose or gain weight?" But this is rarely a dramatic occurrence and my past record tells me that in my case I don't fluctuate in size that greatly. If you do, then you will make sure to keep only the best garments in the size range you require.

In the next week (which will mostly be next Monday and Tuesday as I am going away for a few days) I am going to go through all of my current clothes and pull out any that don't fit well. Grab a spare basket, box or bag and put everything in there that doesn't fit. We will deal with them later.

I can already tell you that there will be one outfit that I cannot yet part with that I know will not fit me at this time and that is the outfit that I wore when I left my wedding with my brand new husband. That was 35 years ago and it just holds too much sentimental value for me. Everything else is going!

I know that this might cause some emotions around how you might feel like you are giving up on ever losing the weight, or filling out or whatever other possibility that the garment might represent, but I know from experience that the size 12 pants in my wardrobe do very little in helping me get closer to fitting into size 12 pants. They are more likely to depress me every time I see them and remember they still don't fit, and that is not going to help me reach my goal, but more likely the opposite, like causing emotional eating. I'm going to try a new tact. If I was feeling great in my clothes and they all expressed who I am and what I love, I might have more of what I need to get where I want to go!?

So join me in beginning a Wardrobe Revolution in your own wardrobe starting this week!

As often happens, a new book has come across my path this week that I have begun to listen to which relates very well with my current thoughts around body shapes and sizes. It is a Christian faith based book called "Breaking Free From Body Shame - Dare to reclaim what God has named good" by Jess Connolly. I gives a great biblical perspective on how God made us in His image and said that His creation was very good. I am being encouraged as I remember that I was made in Gods image with a specific purpose and I am good!

Have a great week, show me some pictures of your wardrobes, embrace your very own unique body shape and size, and thank you for reading,

Love Suzanne

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