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Uganda early impressions - the similarities and differences

Five days in and the jet lag is finally subsided and we are beginning to settle in to life in Mityana. There are things here In Uganda that are very similar to things in Australia where I live. Things that make it feel like we could be visiting a neighbour, and they make me feel less far away.

Like children playing with dolls and prams.

Playing mummas and babies

Ice cream for dessert!

Bikes and scooters

Lining up at school

Tote trays

Staff meetings


Selfies with friends

Rooms full of potential

Babies in high chairs

Driving on the same side of the road

A great love of sport

And then there are many many things that are different. Things that expand my understanding of this world and people who live in ways that I have not yet learned.

Like walking to church with some cows 🐄

Giant beetles! GIANT!

Building site and school as one and the same thing

Side saddle on a motorcycle

This contraption in the school yard

I have seen up to 5 people on one motorcycle and all kinds of loads including a giant solid metal gate! All the traffic here is moving!

The people I have met here are so friendly and everyone has time to say “hello” or “ good morning how are you?” They have been ready and willing to help in any way I ask and have been generous and patient when I am struggling to understand.

The weather here has been steamy, and I’m sweating more than I ever do although the temperature is similar to home. I’m constantly boiling water to drink to get over dehydration.

Everything is lush and green, strongly contrasting with the red dirt beneath.

People are people wherever you go, they need love, security and a sense of significance, weather they live in a mansion on the North Shore or a one room hut in the jungles of Africa. Please pray that in some small way we can encourage a few of our friends here of how important they are in our Creators great plan for humanity.

Today it was back to working on the Sewing Room plans, more about that next blo!

thank you for reading

love Suzanne

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