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Vision Board - Meet My Wardrobe And Another Thought

Over the last six weeks I have 'revolutionised' my current wardrobe. I have done 3 sweeps of my clothing taking out the clothes that do not fit, that are not really a good colour for me or that are not quite the right style for me. I have then sorted through what I took out into give away, alter, make into something else (up-cycle) and rag bag piles and dealt with them accordingly.

Next I sorted through my hats, scarves and gloves collection, and by the end of this I had a very good understanding of what clothing and accessories I own.

Last week I created a styling vision board which has given me some loose boundaries around the fashion styling that I like at this current time. I know myself well enough to know that my styling preferences will probably change and so this styling board needs to be like a living document

where I add and take off ideas over time.

I have had two distinct and very different trains of thought constantly running through my mind since my post last week. The first one has been about styling the clothes in my wardrobe into outfits that are inspired by my styling vision board, which is currently sitting on my dressing table (as pictured above) I wanted to see what I could make out of what I already own.

This was easy and fun because I love playing with clothes, I have always enjoyed dressing up, making new styles and putting clothes together in different ways.

I decided to pick one piece of clothing at a time and style it several different ways, documenting with photos so that I am creating a catalogue that I can refer to if I am not feeling inspired when dressing. I was surprised by all the combinations that I came up with.

The black three quarter pants.

The deep red SuzziMaggs Daisy Dress.

The silky green full skirt.

The SuzziMaggs Daffodil Dress in natural.

Some of my clothes like the purple and orange top are new (a compassionate purchase during covid lockdowns from a local store that relies on tourism for sales and there are no tourists at the moment) some like the green skirt are old (maybe 10 years ) some are from my own fashion collections or pieces I have made for myself and some of them come from the local second hand stores.

As you can see my style is colourful and eclectic at the moment. Is it my dream wardrobe??? Not by any means, but I can now see better how to wear my current wardrobe in ways that will make me feel confident and more like who I want to be.

There are hundreds more possible combinations that I can create out of my wardrobe and I am beginning to take note of some pieces that I am going to look out for or make that will compliment what I have and the looks that I want to create. It all came out of here...

I have gained so much from this wardrobe revolution so far and I would encourage anyone who opens their wardrobe and doesn't know what to wear or doesn't feel confident in their outfit choices to do the same. I would love to help you develop your own unique style and create a catalogue of outfits that make you feel confident and the best version of yourself. Please feel free to email me comment below or connect with me on Facebook- SuzziMaggs or Instagram @suzzimaggs if you would like to have a chat.


Now to the other thought that keeps coming back to me. I wrote this sentence in my last blog "From the super rich, to the child sold into sexual slavery....." and I now can't stop thinking about those children. When I begin to feel anxious, stressed or upset about things in my own life I am putting those things back into perspective by remembering these children.

It is not an easy topic to think about and I don't have any answers as to how to make it stop, but I am beginning to pay more attention to some of the organisations that are already involved in rescuing these children and how I can support them. I just want to mention three organisations and ask you to just make yourselves aware and support however you feel is right for you to do so.

***** - an Australian based organisation who's mission is to rescue children from sexual exploitation and human trafficking and help them stay free. They mainly work in Asia and you can follow them on all the social media platforms.


A21 Campaign was started by an Australian and is based in the USA. It is a broader organisation working at stopping all human trafficking and slavery around the world. Their website is


The third organisation that I would like to draw your attention to is the one closest to my heart. 100% Hope, Uganda. My friends there do not so much rescue children but work at preventing them from ending up in slavery and prostitution. They take in underprivileged children and educate them so that they have a better chance at gaining employment and creating real and positive change for the future of their country. is where you can find out more.


My apologies for getting side tracked in this post, but I decided from the start of writing a blog that it needed to serve a greater purpose than just talking about myself, my life antics and fashion. I want it to be a place of sharing the topics that are deeply embedded in who I am and what the Creator has put me here to do and say.

I will say right now though, that the past few weeks of sharing my wardrobe revolution here and actually becoming more confident about who I am, partly because I have outfits that I love to wear, has definitely made me feel more comfortable about sharing the things God is putting on my heart to share.

Thank you for reading,

Love Suzanne

No coupon code today, but you can still use the one from last weeks blog until 25.08.2021.

I would like to encourage you go and make a difference to a child trapped in slavery so rather than order something from me, make a donation to one of the organisations I have mentioned or any other that you may know of.

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