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Wardrobe Revolution - Stage 2

Stage 1 is complete.

Why was I holding on to so many pieces of clothing that just don't fit me well?

I do have to admit that in the last 12 months or so I have been suffering from what I like to call Pandemic Pouf, which is caused by heightened anxieties, lessened movement and a need to eat all the things to help me deal with the new world in which we live. So there were some clothes that are just recently not fitting me as well as I would like them too. There were also a few items that were just too large in all the wrong places, such as a pair of pants that I got for the bargain price of $2 and I wear because they were such a bargain even though they are a size too large! Out they go!

Stage 2 is all about colour

I am of the opinion that just as each one of us has our own unique body shape we also have our own unique colour and colour preferences. My unique colour consists of several shades of pinky peachy beige with a light dusting of tan and reddish small blotches, brown eyes and ginger brown grey hair. I am certainly a woman of multicolour! and I happen to like to wear many colours, often all at once!

In this stage of the wardrobe revolution there are several things to consider. As we go through the items in our wardrobe again, we need to assess if there are any colours in there that just don't make you feel fantastic when you wear them. I have a few of these such as this top below. I really liked the easy fit design, with it's cute pleated back, and I like wearing autumn type colours so I thought it would be okay. When I wear it I just feel a bit bland, and I think that it is just too much like my skin tones. Any garments that just seem to make you look a little tired or washed out or make you feel plain and uninterested need to come out and go into the waiting basket/container for further consideration at another stage.

There are books and classes and a whole heap of information on colour theory and what colours go with what skin tones and what colours invoke feelings or moods and the like, and there is a whole science that can be learned around the use of colour, but for the sake of this wardrobe revolution, the only study required at this time is that of ourselves.

As you wear your clothes begin to take notice of how they make you feel and act. You will probably find (or already know) that you have a go to colour palette that you prefer when you are purchasing a new piece. Items that go with what you already have, and it is just easy and comfortable to wear colours that you know, or it's your favourite colour (I will always look to see if it comes in purple!) or it will suit the occasion that you are purchasing it for like a red Christmas dress. Let's begin to think about why we are choosing these colours and how we feel when we wear them. If they make us feel/look or act any other way than awesome - out they go!

The other part of this stage is to begin to gather information about garments, colour schemes and styling that you are drawn to. I am loving some colour combinations I have recently seen on Pinterest that incorporate layering in bright colours and patterning, so I am gathering them onto a pinterest board for inspiration. They might inspire my future purchases or inspire new ways to layer up and wear pieces that I already have. They definitely show me that I am drawn to bright, rich secondary and tertiary colour schemes. You could use a Pinterest board, or make a file on your computer, or grab a folder, notebook or a corkboard so that you can put all your inspiration together for easy consultation. This will inform future garment purchases and sewing so that I am not tempted to settle for that top that I think might work that really is too pale for my liking.

I just want to add here that even though colour consultants definitely have great knowledge that can help you discover the best colours for you to wear and you might decide to employ their guidance, if a certain garment in a certain colour makes you feel empowered and ready to conquer the day and helps you to find the best version of yourself for that day then that is what you need to wear! Who got to decide what colour goes with what anyway?

Sometimes I choose an outfit in colours that do not supposedly go together or "suit" me just for a bit of colour rebellion!

So, as I become more aware of what I am wearing and how it makes me feel and act, I am going to become more purposeful about what I allow to take up space in my wardrobe and what I choose to wear. I have decided to only wear what makes me feel great in my good body! How about you?

Thank you for reading, and please let me know if you are joining me on your own wardrobe revolution,

Love Suzanne

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P.S. I am in no way suggesting that you don't choose to exercise and eat well to change your body shape and become a healthier version of yourself, I just think that I personally will have a better chance at improving my own health and wellbeing when I am feeling empowered in my skin and in my clothes as I am, and maybe somebody else who reads this might feel the same. XX

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