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Wardrobe Revolution - Stage 3

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

I have now done two sweeps of my wardrobe and at this point and I am getting a great sense of what is actually in there and what I like to wear and how I can mix, match and play with my clothes. I still have the big basket of garments that I have pulled out and next week I will begin to talk about some ways I might be able to utilise them, but today it's onto stage 3 of my wardrobe revolution.

Stage 3 is all about the style!

This one is a bit more difficult for me because I like so many styles. I love the flapper look of the 1930's and the hourglass looks of the 1950's and I rocked the puffed sleeves of the 1980's and the giant shoulder pads of the early 1990's.

Trends so often dictate the style and shapes that we wear at different times of our lives. Sometimes we change with the trends and sometimes we get stuck on a particular trend that becomes comfortable and easy for us.

Circumstances also often affect our styling for example if we work with young children and crawl around on the floor all day we are most likely to wear fitted or stretch pants, and if we spend a lot of time cooking we probably don't wear many garments with flowy sleeves.

As I look at my wardrobe this third time I am mostly going to focus on removing the clothes that I put on, then take off again because as much as I like the idea of them they just don't sit right. I know one of my biggest issues is with high necklines, like round necked T shirts. They feel tight and choking and I don't really like how they make my body look.

If you are following along, here are some things to consider when assessing the styles within your wardrobe:



Does it accentuate the parts of your body that you want it to or does to show off bits that you would rather get less attention?



Do you like the overall effect when you wear it?

Can you wear it with other pieces from your wardrobe to create a style that is pleasing to you?

How will it fit into your new wardrobe that is filled with only clothes that make you feel amazing and go along with the ideas you are gathering about the styles, colours and designs that you love?

This wardrobe revolution will take time. If you are anything like me then getting a sense of your own unique style can be difficult because it changes so often, and the revolution is more of an evolution. The main thing is that we get to a point where we love what we wear and therefore it makes us feel good and confident and the best version of ourselves, which will spill out into other areas of our lives.

I don't want our clothing, our wardrobe, our styling to become something we become obsessed with or boastful about, but I do want it to be the best it can be for each of us as unique creations in order that we can live well in our unique shells, with our unique colouring and styling because then we will be more able to be attuned to living out our God given purposes because we are not so caught up in negative feelings about ourselves.

Thanks for reading,

Love Suzanne

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