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Sewing for Uganda

So blogging isn't something that comes easy to me. I'm not a wordy person and I always give the short answer. But I'm here to give it another go. Why? Why am I bothering? I'm actually asking myself this as I'm typing (something else I don't find easy)

I thing there are a few reasons:

Because it is challenging me to change and grow and push myself.

It is a good way to process some of the internal traffic jam that is always going on inside my head.

Hopefully someone might be a little bit encouraged by something that I have to say.

To raise awareness of things, people and places that I am passionate about.

So here's what I want to say today:

I am planning a trip back to Uganda for next February, when I hope to help setting up a sewing room at 100% Hope where sewing skills can be taught. There will also be opportunity for making saleable items there, so hopefully we can create some job opportunities and also teach some skills that can help some local people.

To get there I need an income myself, so I am hoping to add many items to my shop here on the website, so please keep an eye out for new additions. I'm not asking you to donate to my travel expenses, but if you have some christmas shopping to do, please do a little of it at my shop here.

I am asking for donations to go towards the purchase of sewing equipment for the set up. We will need to purchase sewing machines, an overlocker, scissors, pins, needles, patternmaking equipment, cutting table, sewing tables and so on. So if you can give a little towards this please email me and I'll send you some bank details.

So there's fifteen weeks until our expected departure date, and part of me is already in panic mode.

How will I pull the money together in time? How do I purchase sewing equipment in a foreign country? How am I going to get something set up and functioning without leaving anyone else there burdened with another project started by a well meaning visitor?

This is what I feel strongly about, I am meant to go and do this!

I need to trust that if this is my God given purpose for this time in my life then God will make the way for it to happen. That may seem a little naive to some, and that's okay, but if I am going to believe in a Creator God who made me with a plan and purpose, then I need to also believe that He will provide the means for that plan and purpose to happen. I'm willing to work hard and do my part and I would really appreciate anything that you could do to help.

Please check out my shop, buy something and give me some suggestions of what I could make for you

Please share my website with your friends and encourage them to do some shopping here.

Please donate towards sewing equipment for 100% Hope Uganda

Thank you for reading,Love Suzanne

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