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59. Know You

This is the second post in my YOU series. A journey in knowing, accepting, loving and caring for yourself.

Know - To be aware through observation, inquiry or information.

- To be absolutely certain or sure about something.

Are you aware of you? Do you take the time to observe yourself? Are you certain about who you are?

To be honest I am not! It can be a difficult thing to grasp - your identity - because we are constantly changing. Ideas come and go along with philosophies and beliefs about ourselves. Our preferences can change as we age, like how I used to love getting up at 6am to go swimming at the local pool but now I treasure my sleep at that time of the morning. That's just a part of the ever changing me.

The more we can get to know who we are the better equipped we are to make decisions, to do more of the things that bring us life and joy and encourage others to find their own identity as well.

In this blog post I am offering 50 questions that I hope will help you get to know yourself more. They are not a personality test or anything like that, they are just the kind of questions that you might ask a new friend who you are trying to get to know better. It might seem strange and maybe it is but I have spent far more time asking these kind of questions of others than I have of myself.

There are plenty of personality tests out on the internet and the whole enneagram craze that is popular at the moment that you can seek out, but personally I don't want to be confined to a particular type or number. I believe that we are all unique.

So here are 50 questions for you. I'm sure that you could come up with 50 more, and the more answers that you give a reason for (a why or how) the greater your understanding of yourself will be. Answer them honestly of yourself today, then again in a few days, then maybe once or twice more to see if you are consistent. Your answers in 5 or 10 years time will be different, but let's get to know the you of today. Try writing a summary of your answers that describes who you are.

The 50 Questions

  1. What is your favourite time of the day? Why?

  2. Are you an early riser or a stay up late person?

  3. Are you energised by spending time with people or time alone?

  4. Do you like cities, the outback, farms, the wilderness, or beaches? Why?

  5. Do you enjoy crowded events like concerts?

  6. Do you prefer quiet places like libraries and galleries?

  7. Do you like having lots of friends or just a few?

  8. What is your favourite thing to do with friends or family?

  9. Are you spontaneous or do you need a plan?

  10. What is your current favourite holiday destination? Why?

  11. Where would you like to travel to? Why?

  12. Where is your current favourite place to be in or around your home?

  13. Where would you love to live? Why?

  14. Who is your greatest role model?

  15. Who would you love to meet?

  16. Is there a TV/book/movie character that you can relate to? how?

  17. Do you like bright or subtle colours?

  18. What is your favourite colour?

  19. Squares or circles?

  20. Dogs, cats, birds or other?

  21. Eating out or cooking for yourself?

  22. Do you have a favourite food?

  23. Do you have a favourite place to eat?

  24. Are you sporty, what is your favourite sport to get involved in?

  25. Are you creative?

  26. How do you express your creativity?

  27. Do you like to make people laugh?

  28. Are you a spender or a saver?

  29. Do you enjoy shopping? What for?

  30. Are you good at making decisions?

  31. Do you thing that you are brave?

  32. Do you have a hobby?

  33. What would you love to learn more about?

  34. Are you in your dream job or career? If not what is it?

  35. Do you have a bucket list?

  36. What activities bring you joy?

  37. What do you always look forward to?

  38. Do you have a favourite fashion trend, style or era?

  39. Do you spend a lot of time getting dressed and ready in the mornings?

  40. Do you wear make up?

  41. Do you spend a lot of time doing your hair?

  42. Do you like frills, gathers and flounces?

  43. Do you prefer smooth simple lines in your clothes?

  44. Do you like loose or fitted clothes?

  45. What do you like about your body? Why?

  46. What would you like to change or improve about yourself?

  47. Are you spiritual?

  48. Do you enjoy deep conversations or deep thought?

  49. What are you afraid of?

  50. How do you feel that you contribute to the world around you?

I just made myself sit and answer all 50 questions and although I was not surprised by most of my answers, I found that I don't seem to have a role model or character that I relate to right at this moment. I prefer small groups of people and time to myself, I am working close to what I would like to be doing but maybe not exactly and I like all the colours and all the fashion styles. No big revelation there. My answers have made me begin to think more carefully about how I can hone in on the things that I enjoy most, the things that give me life and bring me joy and work more deliberately at doing those.

I want to add a very important (to me) side note in here. I totally believe that my true identity is be found by me having a relationship with the Creator of everything. God made me and when I read His words in the Bible I find all the instructions on how I should live. There are many lists of attributes in there, many instructions on what He planned for his creation to be and do, and it all begins with love. Love for God and love for His creation. I believe this makes me responsible to do my part in loving the people around me and caring for the natural environment however I can. I am in no way expert at these things, but I have to keep trying. Please feel free to contact me to talk more about this.

This blog post and these questions are about finding the practical everyday ways that I can be my most authentic person, the one who can best do the loving.

When you know yourself well it is easier to make decisions about people, places, holiday destinations, what colours to paint the walls and what clothes to buy. And it is all adding to you becoming your Best Confident Self who is then able to get out into the world and help others also become their Best Confident Selves.

I hope this all helps you to know you better, please let me know how you go.

I have just found out that there will be no Handmade in the Hunter Markets this Saturday (due to the weather) which I was planning to attend, however you can see most of my current garments on the website or contact me if you have any enquiries.

Thank you for reading, I really appreciate you!

Love, Suzanne

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