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49. First Reveal - Summer 2021 - Eclectica

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

This week has been hard busy!

My birthday went by in a flash, during which time we moved Rick's elderly parents out of their large house into a nursing home. There are so many emotions attached to this from feeling the relief of knowing that they will eat well and have the right medications at the right time, to seeing that a home full of 20 years of living is reduced to them only being able to take the bare essentials with them. All the family members have taken the things that are useful to them or have a special meaning to them, and what is left will move on to other places. The sorting of life's stuff is a big job! Although our own home has just acquired some new items form the sorting, I have decided to begin seriously thinking how I can downsize my own stuff so that in the future no one is left with this daunting task of deciding what to do with it all.

Opa and Oma

That being said, todays blog will mostly be a photo montage of some of the designs that I am making for SuzziMaggs Summer 2021. Everything you see will be available at my market stall and most of it will also be available on my website soon. I hope to offer a more made to your measurements option on the website shop along with colour options, round/scoop/V-neck neckline options, length options and some sleeve styling and sleeve length options. (once I work out how to make that all clear on there)

My photography is my own because I cannot afford a professional at this point, and this is all I have the time and brain capacity for, and I want to say a big thank you to my beautiful daughter for being my model today. We did laugh a lot!

My collection is called Eclectica for several reasons.

Eclectic meaning: deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.

I am mostly working with materials that I already have in order to reduce my waste, so I am pulling on fabrics from my vast stash, and continuing to use the colours from other collections.

I am offering many options and colours for each style, so you can add your preferences to my designs.

My design inspiration comes from a soft, full, feminine styling, to the 1960's simple A-line styling to a more tailored and fitted style. Hopefully there is something there for every woman, something that can enhance your wardrobe and help you to become your best confident person.

The Flow Skirt and The Light Blouse

These pieces will come in pink, burgundy, sage, jade blue, natural linen, black and honey yellow.

The blouse will have no sleeve, puff sleeve or butterfly sleeve options and round, scoop or V-neck options. The Blouse will also have a short dress option.

The skirt will come in 3 lengths, 50cm, 70cm and 85cm.

The Light Blouse with the Lily Skirt from summer 2020 which is still available for order.

Above is the Light blouse with V-neck and puffed sleeve.

The Flow Skirt and The Joy cotton knit top.

There will be a very limited number of the Joy cotton knit top.

The Joy Cotton Knot top and The Life pants.

The Life Pants will come in this deep red, bright red, charcoal, royal blue, lime and black chambray.

They will be available as shorts, 3/4 and fill length pants.

The Good Top and The Life Pants

The Good Top and Life Pants will come in this deep red, bright red, charcoal, royal blue, lime and black chambray.

The Good Top will be available with round, scoop or V-neck and optional sleeve lengths.

The Grace Coat - cotton lace with drawstring waist tie.

I think that this coat would be a great swimwear cover garment! Available in white only.

The Friend Skirt with The Good Top and The Light Blouse.

The Friend Skirt will come in a few different colour combinations and 3 lengths, 50cm, 70cm and 85cm.

The Friend Skirt with The Good Top and The Light Blouse

Above is the short version of The Friend Skirt in black chambray.

The Glad Dress/Top

The Glad Dress/Top will be available as a top, this mini dress length or below the knee. It will come in deep red, this bright red, charcoal, royal blue, lime, white and black chambray.

The Good Dress

The Good Dress will come in several colour combinations, round, scoop and V-neck options and sleeve and hem length options.

This is a fairly good look at the range of my summer 2021 collection - Eclectica. As much as possible of it is made with natural cotton and linen fabrics. You may have also spied the hat and bags that were in some of the photos. These are some of the items I am making from my off cuts and will also be available.

I hope to work out how to get this all on the website by the end of the month, but you can email me in the meantime if you have any enquiries or would like to order something.

I appreciate you taking the time to read, thank you,

Love Suzanne

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