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46. Negatives and Positives in Life and Fashion

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

If there is one thing I am missing right now (in lockdown) it's spending time at the coast. It is the place I go when I need to wash away the mess in my head and reset. I can't wait until I can just go and dive under a wave and come out the other side feeling fresh and renewed. Then go walking along the sand collecting treasures and just being in all that open space with the sea breeze on my face and salt water in my hair. Though it is a negative that I cannot go there at the moment, what it does for me when I get there is definitely a positive!

Negatives and Positives

These words have become even more significant in the last two years, and so far I have been extremely thankful for all the negative covid test results that my family have received when they have been tested. It has been such a devastating time for so very many people across the world and I can’t imagine the sadness that they are facing each day. I pray that they might find the comfort that will help them through this terrible time. I truly pray that the world would find new hope in the One who created everything. (Genesis chapter 1)

On a lighter note, I’m just not feeling it today (whatever it is???)

Negative – The washing machine would not finish the load due to being unbalanced even though I adjusted it many times. This happens almost every wash! Yes, it is level, and yes, we pulled it apart and can’t find what could be wrong and no we haven’t called a repairman yet!

Positive – I have my mums old twin tub machine for back up, so I could finish the load. The twin tub is out near the clothesline, (you can see it in the photo below at the right side of the wooden bench) so I got to be outside for a while in the fresh air with a hose and the spin cycle for company.......... Update now several hours later and I am glad that I hung the clothes undercover because it is raining on all the linen that I hung on the outside line. Oh well, it is having an extra rinse with lovely rainwater, and I have the twin tub on standby for another spin when the rain stops.

Negative – The laptop which I use for blogging is falling apart, and due to lockdown I have been unable to take it for repairs. More of it crumbled this morning and I am no longer game to move it.

Positive – There are other computers here that I can use if I need to, and I am thankful that I will be able to pay for the repair when it does get done. I haven't lost anything stored on it and it is still working for now.

Negative – I had no idea how to write about things on the blog today.

Positive – Because of the other setbacks with the laundry and laptop concerns etc. I had time to pray and ponder how to commence writing here, and this idea of finding a positive for every negative came to me.

I will continue this general idea as I look at some of the ways that designers add fitting and fullness into garments in creative ways.

GATHERS: drawing up a row of stitching on a piece of fabric into tiny soft folds to create fitting and fullness.

Negative – Gathers can cause a garment to look poufy and wide and can add unwanted bulk when they are not added in the right place or proportions.

Positive – Gathers can add the soft fullness that falls into a gentle billowing puff sleeve or a long floating hemline. They can add fullness to a small body, like gathers at a neckline adding fullness to the bust area or a gathered skirt from a slightly dropped waistline adding curves to the hips.

PLEATS: folding up the fabric in a row of folds to create fit and fullness. The folds can be small or large and all fold in one direction or fold in opposite directions. They are usually stitched on one end only.

Negatives – Pleats can look boxy and uniform-like. If they don’t sit properly on the body, they will appear unbalanced and make the garment look like it does not fit properly.

Positives – Pleats are a flatter way to add fullness, so they don’t add as much bulk to the body. They can give the garment a formal and classic look or be used in an asymmetrical way to add design interest while adding fullness to the garment.

DARTS: A pinch of fabric sewn from the width to a point giving the fabric a 3-dimensional aspect.

Used to shape flat fabric to fit the shape of the body by sewing out excess fabric.

Negatives – Darts in ready to wear garments are often not positioned in the correct place for individual bodies, being too high or low, or too narrow or wide apart.

Positives – Well positioned darts create a garment that is sculpted to flatter the body. They add fitting while keeping a sleek simple-line look to the garment.

Panels: like darts are a means of sewing out the excess fabric to create a fitted garment without fullness. They are usually seams that run the entire length of the garment.

Negatives - If the panels are not in the correct position for your body shape they may cause the garment to be ill fitting and not sit as it should. They need to make allowances for every curve in and out in the body.

Positives - When positioned correctly and made to your unique body measurements, panels can create the best fitted garment with a long sleek look.

FOLDS: Where the fabric is folded into pleatlike folds which are stitched down at both ends.

Negatives – When folds are not well positioned on the garment or body, they can unfold causing the garment to sit awkwardly. Horizontal folds can appear to shorten the body and may add a sense of bulk.

Positives – Folds sculpted to sit smoothly around the body are particularly flattering especially when the run diagonally around. They can become a dramatic design feature especially if the folds open at a certain point and fall cascading down to the hemline.

Each of these negatives and positives regarding fashion design styling are general and there are always exceptions. I would once again encourage you to take notice of these fitting design features in you own garments and become more aware of how you look and feel in what you are wearing.

Becoming your own best confident person wearing a wardrobe full of garments that you love and are excited to wear is the end goal. I hope I am helping you to get closer to being that person.

May your day have many more positives than negatives and may your wardrobe be amazing!

Love Suzanne

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