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SuzziMaggs On Location - Or 10 Tips to a Great Photoshoot

When you are starting out very small with no funding to back you up and you are your own everything from designer to maker to advertising department to personal assistant and sales and marketing director, then you are also in charge of on location photoshoots.

Recently that was exactly what I attempted to do with the greatly appreciated assistance of my lovely sister who modelled, gave advise and helped capture the moments.

Here are 10 things I learned about how to get great results:

1.A location scout who plans your locations before the day of the photoshoot would save you time and stress about where to set up on the day.

2. Having any kind of plan before you go would be advantageous to getting a cohesive result in the end.

3. Organise hair and make up according to the weather. Expect wind if you are outside!

4. Don't try to be director, photographer and model.

5. Ensure that all your equipment is in good working order before you go out. My tripod on which the camera was attached is literally loosing it's grip and the legs would slowly and unevenly sink down, making it difficult to get level pictures.

6. If you have to do it yourself, ask friends and family to help. It was great spending time with my sister but it might have gone better if we had a few more helpers.

7. Don't stress too much about the results. Our photos show a couple of real sisters having a go and laughing a lot along the way. And we did it while wearing our SuzziMaggs Winter Collection 2021 outfits.

8. Let the public into the shots. Most people tried to avoid the camera but some wanted to photobomb the shot. Pity my camera was turned off at the best of these times.

9. You have to start somewhere, and I have already learned so much from this first experience as you have just read.

10. Be open, don't rush things, and just have fun with it!

We were going for an "out and about in the Hunter Valley" story, and although we had a lot of laughs and it was great spending time together, the photos are well, pretty ordinary. I feel that it was worth the time it took to have a go and learn the lessons along the way.

I'm still waiting for that lightning bolt of inspiration and direction from my Creator, but in the meantime I'll just keep doing what seems right and glean from each experience along the way.

I'll keep you posted......!

Thanks for reading

Love Suzanne

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P.S. Keep an eye on my Facebook and Instagram accounts for more pictures from our photoshoot.

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