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Wardrobe Revolution Stage 4 - The Honest Sorting.

If you have been reading along then you will know that I have been sorting through my wardrobe, pulling out garments for different reasons and adding them to my waiting basket. If this is the first of my blog posts that you are reading then it will be helpful for you to go back and read at least the last three posts before this one to fully understand this post.

I have done three separate assessments on my wardrobe to this point, each time reducing the amount of clothing that I have in it, but I did not get rid of everything straight away. All my discarded garments have been sitting in the waiting basket, waiting for me to decide what to do with them. The time has now come for me to do the honest sorting.

Stage 4 - Dealing with the waiting basket

The reason for the waiting basket is that I do not want to regret getting rid of any of my clothes. Now that the clothes I pulled out of my wardrobe because I was not happy with the fit, colour or style have been waiting for a while I am ready to assess them.

As I look at each garment in there I am thinking about which of the following categories they might fit into. Most of them I have not missed for the last few weeks.

Throw away - Is the garment just too old and warn out to pass on? I had some old stretched out T shirts and some bike shorts with seams coming apart which have now been passed on to my husband who is always after rags for work. At least they can be useful for a little longer. There is always someone around looking for a bag of rags.

Give Away - Clothing that is still in good shape but no longer useful could be offered to friends and family or taken to a local second hand store or charity organisation.

Sell - Any pieces that are a bit more special could be sold on Facebook marketplace, Gumtree or the like. This is a good way to get a little money back on them which could be put towards adding new pieces that fit in with the inspiration board that I am creating around the colours and styles that I love.

Alter - I have kept a few pieces from my waiting basket to alter so that I can still wear them in my new wardrobe where I love all my clothes. The T shirt below is a simple example. I lowered the neckline so it doesn't feel like it's choking me. (When I work out how to set up another page on this website I will add some easy alteration tips with step by step instructions)

Up-cycle - I have kept a few items from my waiting basket because I really like the fabric and I am thinking about how to make them into other useful items. For example there is a pair of floral pants which I just don't wear anymore, but the fabric is too sweet to part with. I am thinking that I will make some bags and pouches from them. For someone not keen on sewing, but keen to up- cycle, the fabric could be cut into pieces as large as possible with pinking sheers and used for gift wrap. I often wrap gifts with fabric tied in place with ribbon.

Can't part with - There were at least two item that I have decided that I am not ready to part with at this stage. the beautifully beaded twin set which is a size too small for me, but I purchased from a second hand store for a bargain price because I appreciated the beading and I love the colour. I hope to come up with an idea on how I can make this fit into my new wardrobe. The other is this one shoulder long dress. The style is not right for me anymore and the colours are not my best choice, but it has come in handy on occasion as a fancy dress garment for a 70's theme party. I know that is a weird reason to keep it and I really don't go to many 70's themed parties, but for now it's staying.

I'm calling this an honest sorting because I want to be true to myself about what clothes I am getting rid of and why. If I am honestly not ready to part with something then I am not going to. Also I am being honest about letting go of the clothes that do not serve the purpose of helping me be the best version of myself. The too tight, the not-quite-right colours and styles for me and the ones that just don't represent who I want to be at this point in my life. I want to be a more confident woman who is not afraid to step out into the world because I feel great in what I have put on my good body!

Thankfully there was a bag in my letterbox last week from a local church wanting clothing and accesories for their charity work, so as I am writing this today, there is a pile of my give away clothes plus a bag of my surplus winter accessories sitting at my front gate ready for pick up. I hope and pray that they go to someone who will get joy and warmth from receiving some 'new to them' clothing.

Thank you for coming along on my Wardrobe Revolution for the last few weeks. I think I have some things to say about accessories next week!

I have begun working on designs for my next collection which is being inspired by my wardrobe revolution so stay tuned!

I will also be working on learning how to add a page for garment alterations and some up-cycling ideas so keep an eye on my social media pages for that in the coming weeks. @suzzimaggs on Instagram and SuzziMaggs on Facebook, and on Pinterest as Suzanne Schroder where you can follow my boards.

Love Suzanne

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